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In the last issue, we concluded on the basis of Scripture that the entire world has already entered into a period of chastisement; and the worse is yet to come. However, God has been so merciful and gracious to us that He has not only warned us but has also provided a way out so that we may be saved.

Just as God saved Noah by means of the ark, He has chosen Mary Our Mother to be the ‘Ark’ by which all His people can emerge safely from the great chastisement. In fact, His favour rested upon her from the time when she was approached by the angel asking for her cooperation in the salvific plan of God.

God saw in her the desire for all His people to be saved. It was this very desire that prompted her to say ‘yes’ without any hesitation. Besides, she believed that God could save His people in spite of the stain of sin on their souls. How happy you are to believe that the Lord's message to you will come true!" (Luke 1:45).

Another reason why God has chosen Mary Our Mother to be the ‘Ark’ is that she identifies with the woes of humanity and unfailingly brings them to the notice of God. We see a glimpse of that at the wedding at Canna when the wine ran out. She brought it to the notice of her Son Jesus, "They are out of wine."  (John 2:3).

Now, it is important to note the words of Jesus, “Woman, what is that to me and to thee? My hour is not yet come.” John 2:4. Although it appears that Jesus was unwilling to do anything, He went on to perform His first miracle. In fact, the words of Jesus, “what is that to me and to thee” reveal a deep relationship that both of them shared with each other. Her concern was always His concern.

There is no doubt the Father also was of the same mind and heart; because Jesus would never have performed the miracle without His approval.

In all this, we see how God’s ear was always inclined to Mary Our Mother from the very beginning. And it is the same till today. That is why you see so many receiving healings and other favours as a result of praying to her. She is a powerful interceder obtaining immeasurable graces for us from heaven. But more than anything she has been delaying God’s wrath which was supposed to befall humanity long ago.

She who had hastened God’s salvific plan at Cana has been delaying His wrath for a very long time. Just as Abraham interceded for Sodom (Genesis 18: 22-33) she has been interceding before God to save as many souls as possible from the great chastisement. Again, this shows that her concern is still God’s concern.

Another thing that Mary Our Mother did to save the marriage at Cana is that she conversed with the servants. And that is what she is seen doing over the last few decades – conversing with so many of God’s servants called ‘seers’ her sole intention being the salvation of many. A few years ago, one of the seers was asked to convey the message, “The cup is filling up and if we do not change there will come upon us a very great punishment." In saying this, Mary Our Mother has been urging us not to take due advantage of God’s patience. This is in line with what St. Peter writes… Look on our Lord's patience as the opportunity He is giving you to be saved. (2 Peter 3:15).

Sadly, man’s response to Our Lady’s requests has been somewhat the same as it was at the time when Jesus came. He came to his own country, but His own people did not receive Him. Some, however, did receive Him and believed in Him (John 1:11-12).  Yes very few believe and pay heed to the messages of Our Mother.

In the recent messages of Our Mother given all across the world there has been a tone of great urgency because heaven knows that time is running out. In yet another message through the same seer, Our Mother said, “At the beginning, the chalice was filling, now it is overflowing. Many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the path of perdition and with them are many souls." Less importance is given to the Eucharist. You must turn away the wrath of God upon yourselves with your efforts. If you ask forgiveness with the sincerity of your souls, He will forgive you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of the angel St. Michael, I want to tell you that you need to amend yourselves. You are already in the last warnings, I love you very much and I do not want your condemnation. Think of the Passion of Jesus."

Now, just as Abraham knew there was a limit to how much God could extend His mercy towards Sodom, Mary Our Mother also knows that the world has reached a stage of sinfulness where prayers at the most can only reduce what is going to befall on humanity. In a recent message, she has declared, “Everything to come will be mitigated by your prayers, but cannot be canceled, because what is written must be fulfilled.”

God has done all He could; nothing else remains to be done. The Ark is there for everyone to get in before the great chastisement engulfs the whole world. All we need to do is believe and pay heed to the requests of Our Mother. And all her requests can be summed up in just one line, “Do whatever He tells you.”

This only shows us that both Our Mother and Jesus are inseparable. That is why when God gave the instructions to Noah, He said, “So make yourself an ark out of cedar, constructing compartments in it, and cover it inside and out with tar.” (Genesis 6:14). While the ark points out to Mary Our Mother, the tar points out to Christ. Their combined work of redemption which began at Cana is now in its final stage during our times. But the question remains: Are we ready to get into the Ark and be saved?

... To be continued