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Online Retreat – Christian Maturity Retreat


Are you willing to be led by the hand of another?

The much learned Saul before he became the great St Paul, allowed himself to be led by another. Acts 9:8 Saul got up from the ground and opened his eyes, but could not see a thing. So they took him by the hand and led him into Damascus.

That is the one & only requirement for taking part in this online Retreat. The video talks below are in the sequence in which you should listen to them to gain the maximum benefit. The content of each is linked to the next.

Give God a chance.

Session 1:
If you only knew what is needed for Peace, but now you cannot see it.  

Session 2:
Watch & listen to how God changed the life of Bro Edmund Antao - his own Personal Testimony

Session 3:
Show me your Ways O Lord

Session 5:
Seek God's ways, not his deeds.
An important talk in Understanding the Ups & downs in one's life from what the Bible now explains to us.

Session 7:
Discover the Power hidden in the Bible - The Dangers of an Unforgiving Heart

Session 9:
What kind of relationship do you have with the Lord?

Session 11:
The Power of the Cross

Session 4:
The Samaritan Woman - Discovering our fountain of water in Jesus Christ. Watch & listen to the finer details of the encounter between the Samaritan woman and our Lord Jesus at the well and check out how this speaks for you in your own life.

Session 6:
Watch & listen to how our very health & healing are connected to what is written in the Bible. Discover the Power hidden in the Bible - HIS Word brings forth health & healing to our body

Session 8:
This talk finally brings us to Jesus, who is tenderness itself and HE is the visible face of our otherwise invisible God. Delivered by Bro Edmund at a mass public Convention, this talk in English, comes punctuated with the translation in the local language at the same time. 

Session 10:
Invite Jesus into your heart

Session 12:

The Jesus who saved me from death is the same powerful Jesus even today - Bro Edmund Antao relates how the Lord Jesus brought him back to life from the jaws of death in August of 2019. A Personal Testimony