Cutting Off the Enemy’s Head

Dear friends, one year has passed ever since the entire world has been hit by the Coronavirus. Although the vaccines have started rolling out in most countries, the virus has surfaced once again in what we call the second wave. While many physical lives have been claimed by the dreadful virus, one must not forget that a lot of souls are also being lost to the devil as a result of the various restrictions placed on religious gatherings that are meant to provide spiritual nourishment. An invisible enemy from the devil’s camp appears to have been set loose to devour… Read More »Cutting Off the Enemy’s Head

Learning to Depend on God for Everything

It will always be seen that those who have learnt to depend entirely on God for everything are relaxed persons. Those who depend on themselves and the solutions provided by the world invariably carry in themselves a lot of tension and stress. Many of us are in command of one or more material assets – a good job, a lucrative business, intelligence, knowledge, talents, wealth, power, connections. Success in the world often gives us a sense of confidence and self-sufficiency. We overlook the fact that we owe everything to God. We practically forget God and get to believe our success… Read More »Learning to Depend on God for Everything

Go and attack

Dear friends, we know from Psalm 91 that God protects His people from all sorts of accidents, sicknesses and calamities. That is why, often in life and especially now during the on-going pandemic, we seek His protection over our lives. And He does protect those who love Him. But it could be that we have missed out on something more important: God not only protects His people, but He also trains them for battle. A God who trains us for battle In one of his psalms, David writes, “Praise the LORD, my protector! He trains me for battle and prepares… Read More »Go and attack

Faith and the After-Effects of the Pandemic

Prisoners of a Pandemic Besides claiming lives, slowing down the global economy, rendering a number of people jobless, the on-going pandemic has resulted in a sudden transition in social life. The celebrations where people would come together to share their joy, the funerals where people would come together to share in the grief, the religious services where the faithful would come together to share in the fellowship, all these have come to a sudden stop. The new-normal that everyone is trying to adjust to is definitely not something enjoyable. How long can man maintain social distancing when he was created… Read More »Faith and the After-Effects of the Pandemic

Fear Not, Only Believe

The COVID-19 virus has not only claimed thousands of lives across the globe but has also gripped millions of people with fear. Fear of the unseen enemy is looming in every country, every region and every corner of the streets. We can identify ourselves with the Psalmist who says, “I hear many whispering, ‘Terror is on every side.” (Psalm 31:13). THOSE WHO SEE ME ARE AFRAID OF ME (Psalm 31:11): Every person on the street appears to be a suspected carrier of virus. A small cough is enough to raise the eyebrows of everyone around. When you cough in public,… Read More »Fear Not, Only Believe

The Holy Spirit leads us to True Repentance

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God – thus says St Paul in Romans 3:23. Yes, each one of us has sinned and we know how often we have fallen. But the fact that we are all sinners does not mean we can continue satisfying our sinful desires by committing one sin after the other; nor does it mean that we feel hopeless and abandon God’s call to live a life of holiness (1 Peter 1:15). Going to both these extremes will ultimately lead to our spiritual death. As St. Paul writes in Romans 6:23… Read More »The Holy Spirit leads us to True Repentance

God’s gentle rebukes

Dear friends, As we journey closer and closer to God, it often happens that we are suddenly faced with some hardship, some sadness or some loss. And if we truly examine ourselves in the light of God’s Word, we will find that most of the time, the root cause has been our own wrong doing. In pursuit of fulfilling our own selfish desires, we have left God out of our lives, out of our decision-making; and in doing so, we have brought the misery upon ourselves. God in His mercy and goodness does a big favour for us by allowing… Read More »God’s gentle rebukes

The Fear of Dying Alone

Battling with Covid-19 is a very lonely affair Indeed, not only is any physical contact with an infected person necessarily avoided, but even coming into close proximity with him is considered to be highly risky. In the absence of a vaccine, which our health gurus’ claim is the only solution, the only method for containing the spread of the virus is to isolate those affected by it. And therein lies the problem! The patient is left to battle against the virus all alone. The loneliness gets even worse once you get admitted to a hospital. You can forget about having… Read More »The Fear of Dying Alone