In the last half-century, humanity has advanced tremendously in terms of technology and science. Whether it is communication, military, medicine, etc., there have been new discoveries, new inventions in each of these fields which have made life much easier than what it was fifty years ago. All this is good but those who are spiritually alert will agree on one thing: that along with all these advancements, there has also been a rise in evil at a very alarming rate. In recent times, a growing number of nations including those that have a strong Christian presence are legalising evil… Read More »BE WARNED – BE PREPARED


The Power of the Holy Spirit is far greater than the Power of any Pandemic. And where the Holy Spirit is, Fear just cannot remain. The Spirit makes us overcome! But at the spiritual level, could it be that we ourselves often block the full blowing of the wind of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Continuing with this talk, Bro Edmund Antao dares each one to cross check if this is true or not in their life.


A must-hear for all: at this critical hour when Man seems so powerless against the Covid monster. As the Pandemic surges, Bro Edmund Antao rips apart the fear it is causing. Instead, in this epic talk he calls on all to dare to know from the Bible – why the Pandemic is worsening and what we need to do in God’s sight to overcome it.

Cutting Off the Enemy’s Head

Dear friends, one year has passed ever since the entire world has been hit by the Coronavirus. Although the vaccines have started rolling out in most countries, the virus has surfaced once again in what we call the second wave. While many physical lives have been claimed by the dreadful virus, one must not forget that a lot of souls are also being lost to the devil as a result of the various restrictions placed on religious gatherings that are meant to provide spiritual nourishment. An invisible enemy from the devil’s camp appears to have been set loose to devour… Read More »Cutting Off the Enemy’s Head

Learning to Depend on God for Everything

It will always be seen that those who have learnt to depend entirely on God for everything are relaxed persons. Those who depend on themselves and the solutions provided by the world invariably carry in themselves a lot of tension and stress. Many of us are in command of one or more material assets – a good job, a lucrative business, intelligence, knowledge, talents, wealth, power, connections. Success in the world often gives us a sense of confidence and self-sufficiency. We overlook the fact that we owe everything to God. We practically forget God and get to believe our success… Read More »Learning to Depend on God for Everything

Go and attack

Dear friends, we know from Psalm 91 that God protects His people from all sorts of accidents, sicknesses and calamities. That is why, often in life and especially now during the on-going pandemic, we seek His protection over our lives. And He does protect those who love Him. But it could be that we have missed out on something more important: God not only protects His people, but He also trains them for battle. A God who trains us for battle In one of his psalms, David writes, “Praise the LORD, my protector! He trains me for battle and prepares… Read More »Go and attack