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Man’s Response to God’s Chastisement in Our Times

Dear friends, in the last few issues we have been meditating much on this whole topic of the “troubled times” or what is known as the “divine chastisements” which are mentioned especially in Matthew 24; and we have seen how most of these events have already taken place all around the world. The very few who have been observing these events very closely know that the situation is worsening and that we are approaching the peak of the divine chastisement very quickly. But what do the rest have to say? Sadly, the vast majority of Christians seem to be living… Read More »Man’s Response to God’s Chastisement in Our Times

Standing Firm even when the Power of Darkness reaches its Peak

Dear friends, in the previous article, we learned that there is what is known as the power of darkness operating in everyone’s life. Every now and then, we are under constant spiritual attack; but as mentioned previously, a moment is coming upon the whole world when the power of darkness will reach its peak. We saw last time how the terrible events unfolded in the case of Jesus and His disciples. Judas was lost and the rest barely managed to escape the ordeal. Having read all this we are left to wonder whether we ourselves will be able to sail… Read More »Standing Firm even when the Power of Darkness reaches its Peak

When the Power of Darkness reaches its Peak

Dear friends, if you recall in the last few issues, we dealt with the period of chastisement that has already come upon the whole world. Almost everything that Jesus foretold (in Luke 21: 10-13) is coming to pass – the latest being the Russia-Ukraine war that has escalated to the point of bringing other nations almost to the brink of World War III. Besides the earthquakes, famines, floods, wars, etc., we must not forget that another instrument of chastisement that God is using to purify the world is the devil. All forces of evil will be unleashed upon the world… Read More »When the Power of Darkness reaches its Peak


In the last issue, we concluded on the basis of Scripture that the entire world has already entered into a period of chastisement; and the worse is yet to come. However, God has been so merciful and gracious to us that He has not only warned us but has also provided a way out so that we may be saved. Just as God saved Noah by means of the ark, He has chosen Mary Our Mother to be the ‘Ark’ by which all His people can emerge safely from the great chastisement. In fact, His favour rested upon her from… Read More »MARY – GOD’S ARK


  In the last half-century, humanity has advanced tremendously in terms of technology and science. Whether it is communication, military, medicine, etc., there have been new discoveries, new inventions in each of these fields which have made life much easier than what it was fifty years ago. All this is good but those who are spiritually alert will agree on one thing: that along with all these advancements, there has also been a rise in evil at a very alarming rate. In recent times, a growing number of nations including those that have a strong Christian presence are legalising evil… Read More »BE WARNED – BE PREPARED


The Power of the Holy Spirit is far greater than the Power of any Pandemic. And where the Holy Spirit is, Fear just cannot remain. The Spirit makes us overcome! But at the spiritual level, could it be that we ourselves often block the full blowing of the wind of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Continuing with this talk, Bro Edmund Antao dares each one to cross check if this is true or not in their life.